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Chinese as a Second Language Assessment

Editors: Zhang, Dongbo, Lin, Chin-Hsi (Eds.)

This book brings together 13 original research papers that address emerging issues in the assessment of Chinese as a Second Language (CSL) in five major areas, including standards in CSL assessment; development of CSL tests; assessment of diverse knowledge and skills; computer-supported assessment; and CSL assessment in relation to instruction and teachers’ assessment competence. It goes beyond the psychometric testing of Chinese and provides cutting-edge examinations of the interfaces of assessment with sociology of language, acquisition, pedagogy, and modern technologies, as well as teacher education. Given its unique features and broad range of topics, the book offers an intriguing and valuable resource, not only for scholars and researchers but also teacher educators and assessment practitioners who are directly or indirectly involved in CSL assessment.

Table of contents

1. Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK): Past, Present, and FutureThe Development of the Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL)

2. Assessing Chinese in the USA: An Overview of Major Tests

3. Developments in Research on Testing Chinese as a Second Language

4. How Ethnic Minority Students Perceive Patterns in Chinese Characters: Knowledge of Character Components and Structures

5. Developing a Word Associates Test to Assess L2 Chinese Learners’ Vocabulary Depth

6. Can Grammatical Knowledge Predict Chinese Proficiency?

7. What Standard and Whose Standard: Issues in the Development of Chinese Proficiency Descriptors in Singapore

8. Diagnostic Assessment of L2 Chinese Learners’ Reading Comprehension Ability

9. Exploring the Relationship Between Raters’ Personality Traits and Rating Severity in Writing Assessment of Chinese as a Second Language: A Pilot Study

10. Computer-Mediated Corrective Feedback in Chinese as a Second Language Writing: Learners’ Perspectives

11. Developing a Speaking Diagnostic Tool for Teachers to Differentiate Instruction for Young Learners of Chinese

12. Self- and Peer Assessment of Oral Presentation in Advanced Chinese Classrooms: An Exploratory Study