Title: Teaching and Learning Chinese in Global Contexts

Subtitle: CFL worldwide

Ed. by: Tsung Linda

            Ken Cruickshank

Publication Year: 2012

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Although there is an extensive literature on the teaching of English as a Second or Other Language, there is very little published research on the teaching or learning of Chinese in similar contexts. This book is the first to bring together research into the teaching and learning of Chinese as a foreign language to non-native speakers, as a second language to minority groups and as a heritage/community language in the diaspora. The volume showcases the contribution of researchers working in such areas as language teaching and learning, policy development, language assessment, language development, bilingualism, all within the context of Chinese as a Second or Other Language. This is an exciting extension of teaching research beyond the traditional TESOL field and with be of interest to researchers and practioners working in applied linguistics and Chinese language education worldwide. "Any child currently under 15 years of age would be well advised to learn Chinese. This volume edited by Tsung and Cruickshank provides an indispensable academic analysis to the teaching and learning of the Chinese language from a series of acknowledged experts. It is a "must read" for all teachers and anyone concerned with the teaching of Chinese." - David S. G. Goodman, Professor of Chinese Politics, University of Sydney.