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Title: Learning Chinese: Linguistic, sociocultural, and narrative perspective

Ed. by: Patricia Duff

          Timothy anderson

          Roma Llnyckyj

Series: Trends in Applied Linguistics

Publication Year: 2013

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

The acquisition of Mandarin Chinese, one of the most important and widely spoken languages in the world today, is the focus of this innovative study. It describes the rise of Chinese as a global language and the many challenges and opportunities associated with learning it. The collaborative, multiple-case study and cross-case analysis is presented from three distinct but complementary theoretical and analytic perspectives: linguistic, sociocultural, and narrative. The book reveals fascinating dimensions of Chinese language learning based on vivid first-person accounts (with autobiographical narratives included in the book) of adults negotiating not only their own and others' language and literacy learning, but also their identities, communities, and trajectories as users of Chinese.