Title: Peaches and Plums

Ed.by: C.-T. James Huang

          Feng-hsi Liu

Series: Language and Linguistics Monograph Series 54

Publication Year: July 24, 2014

Publisher: Academia Sinica 

ISBN: 978-986-04-1666-4(paperback)


Table of Contents

Part 1: Syntax and Semantics

On Secondary Predication and Specificity in Mandarin Chinese

    Francesca Del Gobbo

On the Status of the Compared Elements in Chinese Comparatives

    Yang Gu and Jie Guo

Remarks on Classifiers and Nominal Structure in East Asian

    C.-T. James Huang and Masao Ochi

On the Position of Adnominal Adjectival Expressions in Korean

    Min-Joo Kim

Justifying Adjectives in Chinese

    Chen-Sheng Luther Liu

Mandarin Comparative Constructions

    Chi-Ming Louis Liu

Quantification and the Count-mass Distinction in Mandarin Chinese

    Feng-hsi Liu

On the Syntax and Semantics of zhe and le in the Existential you-coda Construction

    Na Kristy Liu

Syntax-Semantics Mismatches, Focus Movement and Light Verb Syntax

    Wei-Tien Dylan Tsai

Chinese Null Subjects: A View from the Top

Barry C.-Y. Yang


Part 2: Phonology and Prosody

From Ripples to Waves, Tides and Beyond

    Chiu-yu Tseng and Chao-yu Su

Tone as a Syllable Feature in Mandarin Chinese

  1. Samuel Wang


Part 3: Language Acquisition

The Acquisition of Evidential Meaning: Insights from Quechua Conversations

    Ellen H. Courtney

Study Abroad in China: What linguistic progress do students make?

    Hang Du

Looking into the Comprehension of Spanish-English Code-Switched Sentences: Evidence from Eye Movements

    Paola E. Dussias, Rosa E. Guzzardo Tamargo, Jorge Valdes Kroff, and Chip Gerfen

Optionality in Second Language Grammar

    Enchao Shi

Relativization Strategies in Chinese as a Foreign Language Learners’ Interlanguage: Applicability of the Noun Phrase Accessibility Hierarchy in CFL

    Yi Xu


 Part 4: Language Use and Variation

Corpora for Advanced Language Learning

    Chin-Chuan Cheng

An Analysis of Co-occurrence of the Spanish Copulas with Adjectives: How variable are they really?

    Kimberly Geeslin

The Changing Trends of Chinese Names in Singapore

    Cher Leng Lee

The Chinese Expressions and Conceptions of the Self: A Cognitive Semantic Study

    Ning Yu