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Title: A Study of L2 Chinese Learners' Motivational Self System

Author: Yang Liu

Degree and Year: Doctor of Philosophy, University of Wisconsin-Madison. 2014

Abstract: The present study investigated the L2 Motivational Self System formulated by Dörnyei (2005) in the context of L2 Chinese teaching and learning. One hundred and thirty American university L2 Chinese learners of various levels participated in the study. The study adopted a mixed-methods approach, using a sequential mixed-methods strategy (a paper-based survey followed by individual interviews). The study not only generated results that were comparable to the results of previous studies of the L2 self-system conducted in EFL contexts, but also explored the relationship between theoretical components of the L2 self-system, compared the motivational make-up of L2 Chinese learners of different levels, and examined the interactions between L2 Chinese learners' self-perceived and desired identities and their L2 Chinese learning motivation. The findings of the current study highlight the necessity, feasibility, and benefits of a re-interpretation of L2 motivation from a self perspective, and lead to significant pedagogical implications that can be utilized to enhance the L2 Chinese teaching and learning practices.