Xiaohong (Sharon) Wen, Ph.

Professor, Applied Linguistics and Chinese Language Acquisitior

Director, Chinese Studies Program

Dr. Xiaohong (Sharon) Wen is a Professor of Applied Linguistics and Chinese Language Acquisition. Dr. Wen has conducted a series of empirical studies in three areas: studies of affective factors, acquisition of Chinese as a f aoreign language (CFL), and research-based curriculum design and instruction. Theoretically, she utilizes CFL learners’ language production, and survey/interview methods to conduct empirical studies to test hypotheses and construct theories of CFL acquisition. Practically, her research findings bear on issues such as learner factors, learning strategies, and how to connect research with classroom pedagogy. She recently has published two books, Studies of Chinese Language Acquisition by English Speakers: from Theories to Practice (2008), and Learning and Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (2012).She has published more than 30 articles in refereed journals such as in Foreign Language Annals, I.T.L.

Review of Applied Linguistics, International Journal of Applied Linguistics, Journal of Chinese Linguistics, International Journal of Psycholinguistics, Journal of CLTA, Heritage Language Journal. Her articles have been translated into Korean and Chinese. Her research instrument has been adapted and used in other foreign language studies such as English, Spanish, and Arabic. She is a Principal Investigator of large grants from internal (e.g., $25,000) and federal (e.g., $100,000) sources.

URL: http://www.uh.edu/class/mcl/faculty/wen_x/ 

温晓红博士现任应用语言学及汉语习得教授,并兼任美国休士顿大学中文研究部主任。其三个主要研究领域为:情感因素、汉语语言习得及基于研究的教学。温博士的著作包括《汉语作为外语的习得研究:理论基础与课堂实践》(2008),《汉语作为第二语言的习得与教学》(2012),她发表期刊学术论文 30 余篇,文章被翻译成韩文和中文。她的研究成果被改编并应用到诸如英语、西班牙及阿拉伯语的其他外国语语言研究当中。