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Dr. C.-T. Huang

Professor of Linguistics at Harvard University

Dr Huang's research interests lie primarily in natural language syntax and the relationship between syntax and semantics. These include topics such as (i) argument structure and syntactic projection, (ii) scope of quantifiers and other logical elements, (iii) the distribution and reference of pronouns, (iv) formal and functional constraints on grammatical processes, and (v) the syntax and interpretation of questions across languages. Dr. Huang is also particularly interested in theoretical approaches to the study of Chinese languages, and more broadly in parametric approaches to comparative grammar with a special focus on East Asian languages.


黄正德博士现任美国哈佛大学语言学系教授,创办了以理论为取向的国际学术期刊《东亚语言学学报》(Journal of East Asian Linguistics)并担任主编。他还是具有国际影响力的“东亚语言学理论工作营”的创办者。他曾先后在加州大学、康奈尔大学、哈佛大学与麻省理工学院开办中国语言学暑期研习班,培养青年人才。此外,他还曾五次担任美国语言学学会暑期班课程客座教授,并担任过澳洲语言学会与西班牙Girona暑期班教授。学术兼职还有法国巴黎第七大学访问教授和法国社会科学院东亚研究所访问教授等。