Journal of Chinese Linguistics (JCL) is an academic journal mainly in English, which comprises research content from both general linguistics and Chinese linguistics (Languages in China). It is edited by a distinguished editorial board of international expertise. There are two publications: Journal of Chinese Linguistics (JCL) and Journal of Chinese Linguistics Monograph Series (JCLMS).

JCL and JCLMS articles published from 1973 to present have covered many linguistic sub-disciplines of the languages in China (JCL vision, 1973). The authors explore a variety of general linguistic areas such as phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics. The articles published are also inter-disciplinary across with other academic disciplines such as applied linguistics, historical linguistics, computational linguistics, psycholinquistics, sociolinguistics, neaurolinguistics, evolutionary linguistics and more. Moreover, authors have investigated languages in contact, language change, language families, and Chinese writing systems, as well. The factors of history, culture, psychology, politics and social changes have also been intuitively blended in with scientific research processes in the papers. Research methods include experimental, comparative, as well as historical document review, linguistic reconstruction and many case studies. The research endeavors, conducted by scientific research methods, publish their results in JCL with abstracts in both English and Chinese languages.

For more than 40 years, the Journal has proved itself to be a publication to encourage scholarly communication for advancing knowledge in the field of Chinese Linguistics (Languages in China) with vision, history, results, and innovative spirit. JCL’s effort to serve international scholarly community in its field is attested by its inclusion by

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We welcome scholars whose quality research involves issues in the theory of language and in exploration and description of Chinese languages to contribute research with original discoveries to JCL for inspiration of international scholarly communication.


Journal of Yunnan Normal University (Teaching and Research on Chinese as a Foreign Language Edition)云南师范大学学报(对外汉语教学与研究版)

ISSN 1672-1306

CN 53-1183/G4




The Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association (JCLTA)

publishes articles and reviews. Articles cover the areas of Chinese language pedagogy, Chinese linguistics and Chinese literature. The Journal has proved to be an increasingly valuable medium for exchange of information and for scholarly discussions of the teaching and learning of Chinese language and literature. Three issues are published each year, with the publication schedule of February, May and October. A new feature added to the Journal, beginning with the May 2004 issue (Volume 39, Number 2), is “Letters to the Editor.” Open letters submitted to the Editor, expressing the writers’ thoughts and perspectives, will be selected by the Editor for publication in the Journal, together with the Editor’s replies.

JCLTA Index Online:( Our online, searchable and browsable journal index — available since 31 August 2004 — covers 1966 to the present. Beginning with Numbers 2 and 3 of Volume 38 (2003), abstracts for the articles are also linked to the index entries. Volume 38.2 (May 2003) contains English abstracts for each article, while Volume 38.3 (October 2003) and subsequent issues include bilingual abstracts — in Chinese and in English.

Since 2001, services related to JCLTA back issues — as well as services related to printing of the Journal — are managed by the Foreign Language Publications & Services ( is part of the National East Asian Languages Resource Center ( at the Ohio State University.

CLTA members receive the Journal as part of their membership. For membership application and for institutional subscriptions, please see the membership page ( more information. For submission of articles for consideration, please send an electronic file over the internet and one hardcopy to our JCLTA Editor at the address below. Submission of manuscripts is not limited to CLTA members, but prospective authors are encouraged to join CLTA. JCLTA also accepts ads, subject to screening, at a rate of $250 for a full page, and $125 for a half-page. Please send inquiries via email to the Journal editor.

Journal Editor

Prof. Zheng-sheng Zhang

Dept of Linguistics and Asian/Middle-Eastern Languages

San Diego State University

5500 Campanile Drive

San Diego, CA 92182, USA

Tel: (619) 594.1912|Fax: (619) 594.4877

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Second Language Research is an international peer-reviewed, quarterly journal, publishing theoretical and experimental papers concerned with second language acquisition and second language performance. In addition to providing a forum for investigators in the field of non-native language learning, it seeks to promote interdisciplinary research which links acquisition studies to related non-applied fields such as: neurolinguistics; theoretical linguistics; first language developmental psycholinguistics.


第二语言研究(Second Language Research) 是由SAGE出版社出版的同行审阅的国际期刊,涉及二语习得领域的理论研究和实证研究。该期刊旨在为二语习得研究领域的专家和学者提供一个交流平台,并力促跨学科研究,比如神经语言学、理论语言学、发展心理语言学等。


Editors: Wei-Tien Dylan Tsai | National Tsing Hua University 

            Ning Yu | Pennsylvania State University 

            Hongming Zhang | University of Wisconsin-Madison Executive 

            ISSN 2213-8706 | E-ISSN 2213-8714 

International Journal of Chinese Linguistics is a peer-reviewed journal. The journal aims to publish high-quality scientific studies of Chinese linguistics and languages (including their dialects). With this aim, the journal serves as a forum for scholars and students in the world who study all areas of Chinese linguistics and languages from all theoretical perspectives. Studies to be published in this journal can be theoretical or applied, qualitative or quantitative, synchronic or diachronic, or any combinations of the above, and interface studies, such as those looking into syntax-semantics interface, syntax-phonology interface, semantics-pragmatics interface, are encouraged. As such, this is a comprehensive and general Chinese linguistics journal which serves as a true international forum for all Chinese linguistics scholars and students regardless of their theoretical and topical interests. It is a bilingual journal and its official languages will be English and Chinese. This journal also upholds a double-blind peer-review policy. For more information, please read 

《国际中国语言学报》旨在发表研究中国语言(包括汉语和少数民族语言及方言)的高质量论文,每年两期,每期一百六十页。本刊为全世界从各种理论角度研究中国语言和语言学的学者、学生提供一个学术研讨平台。所刊论文将涵盖理论或应用研究、定性或定量研究、共时或历时研究,尤为重视各种视角和方法的界面研究(如句法与语义、语法与音系、语义与语用等)。因此,它是一个全方位综合性的中国语言学刊物,为业内同行提供一个名副其实的国际学术论坛,无论他们的理论价值取向为何。 《国际中国语言学报》是双语刊物,主要语言为英文,也会发表一定数量的中文稿件(约四分之一)。本刊采用双向匿名评审制。详情请阅读


Chinese Teaching in the World (printed in Chinese)(世界汉语教学)

《世界汉语教学》是汉语作为第二语言教学专业的中央级学术刊物,为世界汉语教学学会会刊,是由中国教育部主管、北京语言大学主办,北京语言大学对外汉语研究中心承办的“语言学/汉语”类核心期刊;同时也是《中文社会科学引文索引》(CSSCI)来源期刊、《中国学术期刊(光盘版)》和CNKI中国期刊网收录刊物、美国Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA)收录期刊。









Lingua Sinica is accepting submissions

Lingua Sinica is the first Open Access international journal devoted to languages and linguistics of China, aiming to achieve the widest possible visibility and optimal international impact of its published research publishing research articles that bridge theoretical orientations, research paradigms, and linguistic traditions providing free accessibility to linguists in China and around the world to promote effective research dissemination and exchange.

The Open Access fees (Article-Processing Charges) for this journal are kindly sponsored by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University—Peking University Research Centre on Chinese Linguistics. Authors' Article-Processing Charges (APC) will be waived for the inaugural year 2015. 

Submit your research article now at

Lingua Sinica is dedicated to the scientific study of languages in China, as well as their various social and regional dialects. It publishes academic papers written in English that present theoretical significance while providing descriptive generalizations based on rigorous theoretical argumentation, replicable experimental design and/or comprehensive examination of collected and annotated linguistic data through field work or corpora. 

Lingua Sinica aims to provide a platform for exchanging ideas among leading researchers in Chinese linguistics and to maximize the visibility of Chinese linguistics internationally. As the first Open Access international journal of Chinese linguistics, Lingua Sinica also aims to achieve the widest possible visibility and optimal international impact of its published research and to help authors meet the growing demand by funding agencies to publish in Open Access journals.

The journal considers and publishes research articles, analyses of language-related data, editorials, and book reviews. For details, please visit the journal website:



Journal Title: Studies in Chinese Learning and Teaching

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics

Subject Language(s): Chinese, Mandarin

The online journal Studies in Chinese Learning and Teaching (SCLT) ,汉语习得与教学研究 , ISSN 2334-2684 is now calling for manuscript submission. Here is the web link:

Studies in Chinese Learning and Teaching (SCLT) is a free open-access journal that publishes pedagogical reports and research papers in the field of Chinese learning and teaching. SCLT also publishes critical reviews of books and software that contribute to Chinese pedagogy, and student work in their Chinese classes (e.g., essays and calligraphy). In addition, SCLT serves as a forum for Chinese learners, educators and program administrators to exchange thoughts on all aspects of Chinese education. SCLT welcomes the following five types of manuscripts:

  • 1) Pedagogical reports (in Chinese or English)
  • 2) Research papers (in Chinese or English)
  • 3) Reviews of books and software (in Chinese or English)
  • 4) Forum entries (in Chinese or English)
  • 5) Student work (in Chinese or English)

All manuscripts should include a coversheet with the name and contact information of the contributor(s). Students should also include the name and contact information of their advisor(s). Pedagogical reports and research papers should include another page with the title of the paper and abstracts written in both English and Chinese (300 words in each language, single-spaced). Manuscripts and cover sheets should be submitted through

All articles published in SCLT will be peer-reviewed. The first issue was released in October, 2014.

For more detailed information about each type of manuscript, please refer to the manuscript author guide at

For any questions regarding SCLT, please contact us at