New Book by CASLAR

Chinese as a Second Language

Research from Different Angles

Series: Language Learning and Multilingualism,Volume: 1


Volume Editors: Istvan Kecskes and Hang Zhang

A crucial question for Chinese as a Second Language research is how to help elevate Chinese language teaching methodology to the level of other world language methodologies such as English, Spanish and German. This work goes in two directs. One explores how to apply research results achieved in Chinese linguistics to Chinese language teaching and the other is engaged in creating a strong applied linguistics research field that supports Chinese language teaching. CASLAR scholars are mainly involved in the latter one. This book is a representative sample of their research endeavors.

New Book by CASLAR

Development and Use of Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language

Edited by Istvan Kecskes and Yang Zhao

The goal of the project is to produce an authoritative book that covers the research achievements of the field of Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language from a linguistics perspective that can help and promote further research in the field and advance the development of Chinese language teaching methodology. The book will serve not only as a reference book but also as a possible textbook for MA and PhD programs in Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language at universities all over the world.

Recommended Books

The Acquisition of Chinese as a First and Second Language

By Xiaohong Wen (Ed.)


ISBN 978-3-03943-270-7 (Hbk); ISBN 978-3-03943-271-4 (PDF)

Publication Year: 2020

Teaching Chinese as a Second Language: The Way of the Learner (ESL & Applied Linguistics Professional Series)

By Jane Orton and Andrew Scrimgeour


ISBN-13: 978-0815383048; ISBN-10: 0815383045

Publication Year: 2019

Recent Reads

Learning and Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

By Xiaohong Wen

Publication Year: 2012

Current Issues in Chinese Linguistics 汉语语言学新问题

By Yun Xiao,Liang Tao and Hooi Ling Soh

Publication Year: 2011

Metaphor and Intercultural Communication 隐语与跨文化交际

By Andreas Musolff,Fiona MacArthur and Giulio Pagani

Publication Year: 2014

Chinese Syntax in a Cross-Linguistic Perspective

By Audrey Li, Andrew Simpson, and Wei-Tien Dylan Tsai

Publication Year: 2014