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Development and Use of Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language (DUCASL)

Chapter 1: Tone

Hang Zhang (George Washington University) and Eric Pelzl (Pennsylvania State University)

Chapter 2: Prosody

Hana Triskova (Czech Academy of Sciences) and Yang Chunsheng (University of Connecticut)

Chapter 3: Characters

Jiang Xin (Beijing Language and Culture University, China)

Chapter 4: Aspect

Carlotta Sparvoli (University of Bologna) and Claire Saillard (Université Paris Diderot)

Chapter 5: Modality

Carlotta Sparvoli (University of Bologna and Lizhen Peng (Zhejiang University)

Chapter 6: Chinese Adjectives

Chaofen Sun (Stanford University)

Chapter 7: Exploring the Link between Linguistics Models and Vocabulary

Chiara Romagnoli (Università Degli Studi Roma Tre) and Huichen Hsiao (Taiwan Normal University)

Chapter 8: Word Order and Syntactic Structures

Zhao Yang (Peking University)

Chapter 9: Speech Acts and Formulaic Language

Wu Yongyi (East China Normal University) and Istvan Kecskes (SUNY, Albany)

Chapter 10: Pragmatic Competence

Istvan Kecskes (SUNY, Albany) and Anqi Ding (East China Normal University)

Chapter 11: Cognitive Linguistic Approach to CSL

Alain Peyraube (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS, Paris), France) and Xu Wen (Southwest University, Chongqing, China)

Why is this book needed?

Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language Research (CSLR) is a relatively new field of inquiry. There has been much research done in the field from a pedagogical perspective but much less from a linguistic perspective. CSLR needs a firm theoretical grounding that can help further research in and development of Chinese language teaching methodology. Consequently, there is a need for an authoritative book that covers the main issues in the field not only by summarizing what has already been achieved but also by proposing new perspectives and new lines of research. However, there may not be one author, or two authors who can write a book like this at this time because we do not seem to have experts in Chinese as a Second Language Research yet who could cover the whole field. The field of CSLR is still developing. So, internationally recognized scholars from all over the world were invited to work on this book as a team. As we want the book to serve not only a reference book but also a possible textbook for graduate students, we need a variety of perspectives from which the research topics are covered.